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MAKING DISCIPLES THE PODCAST IS HERE. A weekly 25min podcast to help in your spiritual formation.

Cris Rogers

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We’ve been wanting to create something for a while that would give you weekly content that helps your personal discipleship and spiritual formation. This isn’t easy especially when everyone is at a different place with their discipleship shape. But the good news is this week we are launching a weekly discipleship podcast. Over the course of the podcast we are going to be looking at many discipleship topics, from ‘what is the Bible and how to ready it?’, ‘How to revitalise your spiritual life’ on to interviews with people like Danielle Strickland, Miriam Swaffield and Rowan Williams. The podcast is all about simple language, breaking things down for the everyday listener.

To listen you can subscribe either through Apple Podcasts, Podbean or Stitcher. If you listen to podcasts on your phone simply search " Making Disciples The Podcast " in App to follow this podcast.

The podcast will come out weekly on a Monday early morning for your commute or to wash the dishes to.

At present you can listen at these locations…

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