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Refreshing Your Heart Through Wonder

Have you ever thought about refreshing your HEART through a Wonder Walk?

Fleur Tucker

Have you ever thought about refreshing your HEART through a Wonder Walk?


If you’re a person who has a head-heart-hand shape that is higher in “heart” than hands and head, you’ll probably feel more rested by giving yourself space to reflect, ponder and connect with God through experiences that are less intellectual or practical. Activities that engage your creative side or place you in the beauty found in nature will be ideal for refilling your emotional tank.

It was July 2020 when I “stumbled” onto Wonder Walking. I was interstate in hotel quarantine for fourteen days.  My Dad was dying in the local country hospital, but I wasn’t allowed to see him due to the COVID 19 restrictions on interstate travellers.  Not being one for formal prayers, and coming as it did when I was only allowed 1 hour outdoor exercise daily, Wonder Walking was a literal God-send. 

Wonder Walking is sometimes called Awe Walking.(1)  It is the practice of walking slowly through nature while noticing our surroundings.  This deep engagement with nature has been shown to improve mental health, increase gratitude and mindfulness.(2)  I would add that it also increases our awareness of God, the creator of our natural surroundings and leads quite naturally into worship and prayer. The hymn How Great Thou Art (3) draws a clear line between these things in the lyrics, “O Lord, my God, when I in awesome wonder consider all the worlds thy hands have made….Then sings my soul, my Saviour, God to Thee.  How great thou art.”

You can Wonder Walk anywhere. Your location does not matter – even people living in the inner city can find wonder in street trees, plants pushing through the pavement and sleepy cats cuddled up on apartment block windowsills.  You might have to look a bit more closely, but sources of wonder are everywhere. When we take the time to notice the small details of leaves or are impressed with the majesty of tall trees, we tend to feel relatively insignificant.  This “small self” (4) gives us a new perspective. It puts God in a place of pre-eminence and lifts our spirits.

Wonder Walking can be a daily, weekly or annual practice.  Thirty minutes once a week to refocus can be as beneficial as an annual week-long retreat into nature.  Your heart will love the opportunity to take a break and soak in beauty.  Like art, nature has the ability to capture us in a way that restores our soul.  Psalm 23 places David outside in nature, by a stream with open green pastures and he finds to restorative. Nature accesses parts of us that are less cerebral and more spiritual.  In my experience, Wonder Walking improved my prayer life as it strengthened my connection to God so that I could more easily lean into Him. I come home having benefitted from fresh air, exercise and renewed appreciation for the provision of God. 

If you are looking for ways to reinvigorate your spirit, I encourage you to consider Wonder Walking.  Even if you don’t try it until you are away on holidays, you might start something that enriches your spiritual life so much, that you continue the practice when you return home. 



  3. The lyrics to How Great Thou Art were written by Carl Boberg in 1886 after he was caught outdoors in a flash thunderstorm, then saw a rainbow when it ended.When he got home he opened his window, heard church bells ringing and put pen to paper in response to his experience, giving us this beloved hymn.





Fleur is an Australian, living in New South Wales. She has served God in the church as a Pastor, planting a church with strong Recovery Groups and Pastoral Care. She's also found Jesus alive and well overseas and locally in her work at a Crisis Pregnancy Centre, in Prison Ministry, the education sector and as she speaks at various conferences and training days. She's the author of "Great Questions: a resource for people helpers" who loves to spend time with people who are open to change. She has been blessed with many best friends, three daughters and one husband.

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